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Motto: It’s all in the merchandising (Yogurt the Magnificent)

Who is Zzap ?

Zzap is the GOD of Computers

Son of ARC - GOD of electrons

A wholly owned subsidiary of GOD almighty

 The purposes of the Cult of Zzap™ are (not necessarily in order of importance):

1. Sell memberships and logo merchandise.

2. Pay homage to and thereby gain the favor of Zzap - GOD of computers.

3. Inform the world about Zzap.

4. Pray to never hear the sound ‘Zzap’ while computing as “Zzap – GOD of Computers” only speaks in anger.

5. Make the leader rich.

How do I gain the favor of Zzap ?

    Purchase an item from our selection of gifts. Both the buyer and/or receiver will be smiled upon

    by Zzap. This will result in a 27% less chance that Zzap will visit the owner of the gift.

    Zzap is an angry god and announces his visit by having a machine speak his name "Zzap."

    This is usually followed by release of 'magic smoke' from inside the machine.

 Honorary Disciples of Zzap:

Reddi kilowatt - Ambassador Emeritus

Lightning - Chief messenger, archangel

 The values of the Cult of Zzap™ are:

1. Have fun with it. Don’t take this cult too seriously,

2. Computers have rights the same as any other sentient being.


1. For the humor impaired, just go away.

2. Cult of Zzap™ - GOD of Computers - Registered in the state of Hawaii.

3. Cult of Zzap™ is not related to any other religion, cult, commercial product, or organization.


Send mail to info@Cult-of-Zzap.org with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: March 28, 2006